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Roofing Inspector Los Angeles
Roofing Inspection Los Angeles

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Roof Inspector Los Angeles
Roof Inspector Los Angeles, CA
Roofing Contractor Los Angeles
Los Angeles Roofing Contractors
Los Angeles, California

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Roof Inspector Los Angeles

Whether your in the process of buying or selling having a full understanding of the current condition of your roof can better your position in the final negotiations of the sale. Our roof inspectors will accurately determine the condition of the roof in question and determine the approximate life expectancy you can expect, if any. All suggested roof repairs and roof maintenance or will be clearly noted with corresponding photographs included in the roof inspection report that is provided in PDF format.

Our is to provide our clients a clear, unbiased, expert assessment of the roofs condition. No more, no less.

General home inspections are not thorough roof inspections. Generally speaking, home inspectors do not perform roof inspections due to the fact that it is a specialty inspection. Coupled with the possibility of damage to the existing roof, accessibility issues, personal safety, and / or liability the vast majority of general home inspections do not include a thorough roof inspection.

Fair, Accurate, and Reliable Roof Inspection Report

Our roof inspections are available to be performed 7 days a week to meet your schedule. We have experience inspecting roofs on all types of structures including single family homes, condos, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings. We offer competitive inspection pricing that is based on the size of the home or building. We are fully insured California licensed roofing contractor.

Licensed Roof Inspections | Point of Sale Roof Inspection | Los Angeles Roof Inspector

Our licensed roof inspectors inspect all roof areas, roof materials, chimneys, roof flashing, roof scuppers, gutters, and downspouts. We inspect for any issues that could currently be causing water damage or issues that could soon become waterproofing issues. We complete a thorough roof inspection report which details the current condition of your roof system, the type of materials used, a list of any roof repairs or roof maintenance that are recommended, and we always include photos of any issues that are referenced in the roof inspection report. If roof repairs or routine roofing maintenance is needed, it will be reported on the inspection report and a detailed written estimate will be provided with inspection report.

  • Condition of all roofing materials and applications
  • Flashing around roof transitions, chimneys, HVAC units, vents, and valleys
  • Required repairs and preventative maintenance tips
  • Ridge caps, drip edge, specialty flashing
  • Conditions which could cause a roof leaks in the future
  • Soundness of roof drains, downspouts, and gutters

Typical Problems Encountered During Inspections

Roofing Inspector Los Angeles

Broken and Missing Roof Tiles
Roof Inspector Los Angeles

Leaking Skylights

Los Angeles Roof Inspector

Improper Flashing At Fireplace
Roofing Inspectors Los Angeles

Improper Repairs
Roof Inspectors Los Angeles

Improper Installation At Perimeter
Los Angeles Roofing Inspection

Loose Rake and Ridge Tiles

Easy to Read Computerized Reports With Reference Photos

All roof inspection reports are provided in PDF format and all existing conditions and deficiencies are clearly notated and referenced with specific digital photos. When roof repairs or roof maintenance are necessary our thorough inspection reports with digital photographs ensure whoever is responsible for making the necessary roof repairs has a clear detail of what needs to be done.

Roof Inspection Reports Include

  • PDF or Word Formatting Sent Via Email or Facsimile
  • Photos Included of All Conditions Referenced in Roof Inspection Report
  • Overview of Condition of Existing Roof Material and Previous Layers of Roofing
  • Overview of Condition of Existing Roof Flashing materials and methods
  • Written Documentation of Material Defects
  • Recommendations of Necessary Repairs
Roof Inspector Los Angeles
Roofing Inspection Los Angeles
Roof Inspection Service Los Angeles
Roof Inspector Los Angeles, CA
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