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Roofing Repair Contractor Los Angeles
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Roofing Contractor Los Angeles
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Roof Inspection & Roof Maintenance Programs

With this service, you will have all roofs, chimneys, flashing, gutters and downspouts inspected. We will complete a checklist reporting the current condition of your roof system. We will make any minor repairs if applicable. If work is needed, it will be reported to the owner and followed with a detailed written estimate. This service will be completed once yearly, and you are required to be home during this service.

Roof maintenance is recommended to be perform on a biannual basis for flat roofing systems to ensure a long life. This roof maintenance should include removing all built up debris from the roof, clearing drains, removal of any fasteners left on roof surface, and sealing all roof flashing and transitions as needed. Many flat roofing systems are not properly installed and additional precautions must be made to ensure the integrity of the roof.

The Majority of Roof Leaks Are Commonly Due To

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Broken and Missing Roof Tiles
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Leaking Skylights
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Improper Flashing At Fireplace
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Improper Roof Repairs
Roof Repair Contractor Malibu

Improper Installation At Perimeter
Roof Repair Contractor Santa Monica

Loose Rake and Ridge Tiles

The Majority of Roof Leaks Are Commonly Due To

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles
  • Missing Flashing
  • Worn Out Felt Underlayment
  • Cracking or Checking due to UV Exposure
  • Improperly Installed Materials or Flashing
  • Unsealed Roof Penetrations

Our Roof Inspection Report Include

  • Photos included in all inspection reports
  • Overview of Condition of Existing Roof Material and Previous Layers of Roofing
  • Overview of Condition of Existing Roof Flashing materials and methods
  • Written Documentation of Material Defects
  • Recommendations of Necessary Repairs

Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance
In addition to reroofing services we provide roof repairs on all types of roofs. If you have ongoing roof leaks or would simply like to know current condition of your roof we can provide you with a free estimates that lists any necessary repairs and the cost of the repairs.

Tile Roofs

Cracked Roof Tiles
Clay and concrete roof tiles often crack when walked on. Cracked tiles allow rainwater to penetrate past the tile directly onto the underlayment. Prolonged moisture deteriorates felt paper and can cause leaks. Broken roof tiles can also allow Ultra Violet UV rays to deteriorate the felt underlayment which can also cause leaks.

Curved or S Tile Roofs
Clay and cement roofing tiles can shift and/or blow off during a strong wind. Tiles along roof ridge lines and peaks may also shift due to improper techniques during the roof installation.

Roof Valley Maintenance
Debris can easily block water flow causing the water to back up and go where it is not designed to. Tile roof valley's are designed to allow water to flow beneath the valley tiles and down a specially designed metal flashing called valley metal. When this flashing is blocked with debris such as leaves and dirt the water is forced to flow sideways over the edges of the flashing and across your roof under the roof tiles. This flow usually leads to accelerated deterioration of the roof underlayment and possible roof leaks. We provide roof maintenance programs that can prevent the costly damage associated with this type of condition.

Roof Issues Typical of All Roof Types

Improper Flashing Methods

Sheet metal flashing plays a very important role in protecting your roof from water damage. Flashing is required at nearly all perimeters and transitions on your roof. Its purpose is to direct water away from areas of the roof that are prone to water damage.

Foot Traffic Damage
Extended periods of excessive debris and standing water can lead any type of roof to premature failure or damage. Water that does not drain properly causes deterioration, plain and simple. If debris is not cleaned regularly trapped water can rise above adjacent flashing and deteriorate the underlying wood sheathing or cause a interior leak.

Water Damage
Long periods of excessive standing water can damage flat roof systems. Flat roofs are built with a slight pitch and should are not designed to have standing water.

Wind Damage
Damage from the wind can affect all types of roofs. Asphalt composition shingles are typically the most affected roof type because of there light weight and inclination to blow off in large pieces when strong wind is present.

Inadequate/Improper Workmanship
Installation problems can occur on all types of roofs. Even reputable roofing contractors can make a mistake. It is very important that all manufacturer installation recommendations are followed yet sometimes oversights are made. Roof issues may not occur immediately after the roof is installed and in some conditions may take months or even a year or more for them to become evident.

Roof Issues Typical to Wood Cedar Shake/Shingles


There is a layer or layers of felt paper installed under wood shakes that is primarily what keeps your roof watertight. Wood shakes function partly as aesthetic and also to keep the UV from deteriorating the felt underlayment. When exposed to UV for long periods of time wood shakes and underlayment can deteriorate and become a roof leak.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes/All Roof Types

Careless/Unprofessional Previous Repairs
Homeowners and contractors trying to cut costs or save time may feel pressure to apply roofing sealer all around a suspected leak area without ever identifying exactly where the leak is coming from. Careless repairs such as this can require a professional roofing company to make a more costly repair than would otherwise be necessary.

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